How to Emerge with Higher Performing Tech Teams

As more businesses are looking offshore to increase their digital capabilities, the question of how to guarantee success and a strong return on investment ensues.  Will CIO efforts drive the innovation and change their customers are seeking or will their efforts fizzle as they race against their competitors?

While many companies have found proven success in their ability to be agile with smaller technology teams and tighter budgets, many are still struggling to maximize the output and productivity of their existing IT talent.

CIOs should consider ensuring that key decisions and processes for projects are in place from the onset to set teams on the right path from the start as they evaluate how to keep their processes effective through 2021 while potentially increasing their technical talent.

For SMC Squared, knowledge transfer, or the information gathering process that includes mind mapping and systems overviews, helps to onboard employees, initiate key projects and monitor quality and productivity over time.

Director of Client Services Jessica Parker shares best practices of SMC Squared’s knowledge transfer process, a key process every CIO should consider as the foundation to attracting and retaining top IT talent from the world’s largest pool of technical talent.

“Knowledge Transfer is a vital part of bringing on new team members and integrating them into the organization. Done well, the process we follow not only helps onboard our new folks–the recordings and documentation become standards for effectively onboarding all new team members, regardless of company affiliation or geography,” says Parker.

Every successful transition starts with a clear planning methodology.  We follow a three-step plan to ensure client knowledge and capabilities are successfully adapted overseas

Transition Planning Methodology

  1. Evaluation and Education
    • Identify all resources necessary to support a knowledge transfer and capability transition
    • Define a Transition Plan and review with Client designated SMEs and leaders

  2. Plan and Dependencies

  3. Execution
    • Ensure successful transition from vendor to SMC2
    • Conduct turnover for identified capabilities 
    • Monitor performance and report results
    • Refine team
    • Repeat process

“Building a repeatable and reusable process for onboarding new team members, regardless of geography is the key to success. Invest time once and leverage that as often as needed. Expertise is recorded and able to be referenced,” advises Parker.

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