A Global Calling for All of Us

SMC² is committed to making a difference through a clear focus on corporate social responsibility. As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on a growing number of people across the globe, we’ve focused our efforts on helping to support livelihood, safety, and health in some of the communities that have been hit the hardest.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to give 2% of our average net profit over the next few years to non-profits making an impact in India—joining a growing group of leaders and organizations called on to make a difference where we thrive,” said SMC² CEO Patricia Connolly, PhD.  

Supporting Livelihood

SMC² joins forces with Akshaya Patra Foundation in its efforts to provide food for those in need. The foundation is currently focused on distributing relief kits to as many people as possible. Each kit contains enough non-perishable items to provide two adult meals per day for about 21 days. 

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is well known for its School Mid-Day meal program across India as well as for being the largest not-for-profit run mid-day meal program in the world.

Supporting Essential Workers

SMC² is also proud to support Victoria Hospital, a government-run institution that has been designated as a COVID-19 hospital in Bengaluru city. This hospital provides 500 beds for patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Together with the members of parliament’s office, SMC² has donated essential personal protective equipment kits and N95 masks to health care workers who continue to serve on the frontline during the pandemic at this hospital.

Supporting Health  

And lastly, SMC² has designated funds to respond to the recent emergency appeal of Shifaa Hospital in an effort to provide additional beds to accommodate COVID-19 patients as the hospital has seen increasing demand in beds, challenging their capacity to admit affected patients.

Shifaa Hospital is a 200-bed multi-specialty infirmary equipped with the latest medical supplies whose goal is to make affordable health care accessible with a focus on providing holistic health care, including tertiary care. 

“To me, this is a global calling, as we contribute to needs important to our employees and clients, non-profits and scholarships globally to humbly make a difference,” said Dr. Connolly.




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